Cutting-edge IC Developer Pragmatic at the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023

Welcoming Pragmaticas Platinum Sponsor

As Europe’s foremost event of its kind, Wireless IoT tomorrow brings together the brightest minds and esteemed industry figures to explore the limitless possibilities in the realm of IoT. As we are gearing up for this event, we are delighted to announce the engagement of Pragmatic as an official Platinum Sponsor for this year’s event.

About Pragmatic

The cutting-edge integrated circuits developed by Pragmatic introduce a new era of possibilities due to their ultra-low cost, ultra-thin, and flexible nature. The chips can be seamlessly integrated into a wide range of objects, granting them connectivity and intelligence. Illustrative applications encompass areas such as RFID and NFC, where the company’s chips come at a cost of less than a cent, empowering everyday items with distinct digital identities and the ability to engage with their surroundings. This revolutionary advancement ushers in transformative advantages across the entire lifecycle of products, encompassing benefits like reduced inventory, enhanced traceability, counterfeit prevention, validation of origin, and enriched customer interaction.

Lecture: The Future of Connected Devices / Speaker: David Moore (CEO)

Making an Impact

The influence of Pragmatic’s technology extends to the core of a circular economy and the pursuit of sustainability objectives. By facilitating effective product and material reduction, recycling, and reuse, the company’s technology emerges as a pivotal catalyst. Real-world instances include:

  • Minimizing food wastage: Incorporating Pragmatic’s chips into food packaging permits retailers to digitally gauge freshness, thereby attaining improved supply chain management and adaptive use-by dates.
  • Advancing material recycling: Pragmatic’s technology plays a substantial role in elevating the recovery and recycling of single-use packaging. This enables Deposit Return Schemes which can now be further enhanced with automated identification for increased accessibility, convenience, and return rates.
  • Promoting packaging reusability: Pragmatic’s chips facilitate comprehensive tracking of multi-use assets within a universal system that facilitates their recapture, sorting, cleaning, and return.

In essence, Pragmatic’s innovative contributions lay the groundwork for a sustainable future while redefining the possibilities of connectivity and intelligence in everyday objects.

Mark Your Calendar:

Pragmatic will be present at the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023 on October 18th & 19th. Join them at booth #14 and talk to the experts face-to-face!

Be part of the moment as we reveal groundbreaking wireless IoT advancements from Pragmatic. Engage in the evolution that promises to shape industries, redefine connectivity, and inspire the dreams of the upcoming generation of IoT enthusiasts.

Tickets are available here!

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