Avery Dennison Will Make Impact at the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023

American tech giant is Platinum Sponsor

Being the most significant gathering of its kind in Europe, the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023 unites the most brilliant intellects, forward-thinking innovators, and prominent figures in the industry to delve into the boundless opportunities within the IoT realm. It is our great pleasure to introduce Avery Dennison as an official platinum sponsor for this year’s event.

About Avery Dennison

A leading materials science and manufacturing company, Avery Dennison specializes in crafting and producing an extensive array of labeling and functional materials. Through leveraging its profound knowledge and worldwide presence, Avery Dennisonhas excelled for years in providing inventive, eco-conscious, and smart resolutions to clients across the globe.

Avery Dennison in the Wireless IoT tomorrow Webcast Series

Avery Dennison will be featured in a webcast episode that delves into the intriguing realm of embedded RFID for apparel retail, with a particular focus on how sustainability acts as a pivotal catalyst for advancement. Filippo Cerchio, Director of Inlay Sales, EMEA and Gustav Sandstrom, Sr. Regional Sales Manager Industry, EMEA will illuminate Avery Dennison’s remarkable manufacturing coverage which allows customers to expand into new territories while benefiting from local production capabilities. Moreover, the webcast will shed light on Avery Dennison’s robust global supply chain capacity, showcasing their adeptness in safety stock planning and efficient shipment organization.

As a trailblazing force, Avery Dennison stands at the forefront of innovation, boasting a unique organizational structure with dedicated BDM/MDM teams catering to distinct sectors such as Automotive, Healthcare, Logistics, Transportation, Aviation, Connected Products, Hard Tags, and Animal ID. This setup ensures unparalleled support for customers and partners alike. With an all-encompassing approach, Avery Dennison proudly stands as a comprehensive RFID solution provider, offering soft tags for a myriad of applications, along with Hard Tags and Animal ID solutions.

Avery Dennison Represented with Lectures and SpeedLabs!

Distinguished and dynamic, Avery Dennison is set to make a significant impact at the upcoming event with not just one, but two insightful lectures that promise to enrich attendees’ understanding of cutting-edge industry trends. Neil Hay, Market Development Manager for the EMEA region, will give a talk entitled ‘Automotive is showing the way for sustainable development with DPP, GBA and Catena-x’ and Mathieu de Backer, Vice President, Innovation & Sustainability at Avery Dennison Smartrak, will present on the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Furthermore, Avery Dennison is excited to host a captivating SpeedLab session, where participants can engage firsthand with the company’s latest innovations and technologies. With a commitment to knowledge-sharing and innovation, Avery Dennison is poised to contribute meaningfully to the event’s atmosphere of learning and collaboration.

Mark Your Calendar:

Avery Dennison will be present at the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023 on October 18th & 19th. Join them at booth #68 and talk to the experts face-to-face!

Join us as we uncover the future of wireless IoT innovation with Avery Dennison. Be part of the drive that will shape industries, redefine connectivity, and inspire the next generation of IoT enthusiasts.

Tickets are available here!

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