Let’s Talk WIoT S3E5: AIM Association, Celebrating 50 Years & The Future of Standardization

Event Date for Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2023: October 18-19, 2023
Event Location: Wiesbaden, Germany (Near Frankfurt)

This episode of Let’s Talk WIoT isn’t just another podcast installment—it’s a landmark discussion that commemorates the 50th anniversary of AIM Association. And it’s happening right before the much-anticipated event, Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2023.

We are delighted to welcome Peter Altes, Managing Director of AIM-D e.V., and Frithjof Walk, President of AIM Europe B.V., for an in-depth discussion covering AIM‘s groundbreaking work in standardization, its future plans, and much more.

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Quick Highlights from ‘Let’s Talk WIoT!’ Podcast to Keep You Ahead of the Curve

The AIM Landscape

AIM Association has been a leading force in establishing global standards in automation and identification technologies. Our guests, Peter Altes and Frithjof Walk, will shine a light on AIM’s legacy, its pivotal role in shaping industry standards, and what the organization has in store for the future.

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The Bigger Picture: Future of Standardization

Our dialogue will dig deeper into AIM’s ongoing projects and how the association aims to influence the broader landscape of standardization and IoT in the coming years.

Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2023

This episode serves as a precursor to the upcoming Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2023 event, scheduled for October 18-19 in Wiesbaden, Germany. AIM’s milestone 50th anniversary will also be celebrated during this major event, adding another layer of significance to an already crucial gathering.

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