FAQ's for Exhibitor

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How do I become an exhibitor?

Once you contact the organisation team, you’ll gain access to our unlimited exhibitor information center. Here, you’ll find everything you need, including the exhibitor brochure 2023, pricing tables, detailed information on features, and much more. Let’s connect today!

Is there a booking deadline for booths?

There is no specific deadline for booth bookings. The limitation is the availability of booths and the choice of booth location and positioning. Be quick to secure your favorite booth location. First come, first served!

Can I order additional services through the event organizer?

Yes. We offer all services that are necessary for a successful event. From hostesses to furniture, graphics, additional marketing or a special VIP meeting room above the exhibition hall. We’re also open to new solutions and ideas!

Can I organize booth graphics or furniture independently?

Yes. There is no obligation to order these services through us. It is also possible to work with your own partners.

Is logistics support available?

Yes. You can send shipments in advance of the event to our logistics provider. The shipment will be waiting for you at the booth on the day of construction. This is an additional service. Logistics support on-site is also available for booking.

Are there speaker slots available at the program?

Yes. Every exhibitor can apply for a speaker slot. The only limitation is the availability of slots. The content of the lecture should not be commercial or promotional, but should be informative and factual. The presentation of use cases is highly recommended. The organization of the program will be done together with the editorial team of the Think WIOT Group!

Are there any parking options near the venue?

Yes. The event location offers a car park right underneath the RMCC.

Where can I find the Wi-Fi password on-site?

The Wi-Fi password will be provided to you in advance of the event.

When does the deconstruction of the booth take place?

The deconstruction period starts at 17:00 CEST on the second event day (October 19th).

What do I need to bring to ensure a smooth check-in at the event venue?

The registration of booth members should take place in advance of the event. You simply have to bring the ticket as a print out on-site for a smooth check-in.