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Our Mission

Our mission is to create an event that brings together a unique selection of product and solution providers, innovators, and researchers with project managers, to unlock the full potential of wireless IoT and enable the benefits it offers.

Why WIoT tomorrow 2023?

The exhibition offers a carefully curated, international lineup of exhibitors showcasing high-quality, state-of-the-art wireless IoT products and solutions.

Our comprehensive program includes partner pavilions, Speedlabs and lectures for dynamic knowledge exchange with experts, and targets the most important application fields.

What's Wireless IoT?

Wireless IoT technologies are different wireless technologies, that enable a wide range of applications and benefits across various industries, and are an important part of the solution for the challenges of tomorrow and today:

RFID | NFC | BLE | AI | IoT Pixel | UWB | RTLS | wireless sensors | LPWAN | LoRaWAN | Robitics | Cellular IoT | ORM | omlox | mioty | wireless mesh

The most common wireless technologies use radio waves. With radio waves, intended distances can be short, such as a few centimeters for NFC or as far as millions of kilometers for deep-space radio communications.

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WIoT Program 2023

Solutions | Innovations | Knowledge Exchange

Lecture Theater

The program is divided into forums that each focus on different application fields. Each forum features a diverse group of expert speakers who will share their insights and practical tips on how to create real benefits and solve today's most pressing challenges in your industry.

Program Release

Get ready for our upcoming program, which will feature a wide range of topics from automotive to sustainability, automation, industrial IoT, and more! Stay tuned for the official release, and be prepared to gain valuable insights and knowledge from our expert speakers.
Lecture Theater

Speed Labs

Don't miss out on the chance to learn more about specific topics from the exhibitors! Join in for their presentations and talks, where you can gain valuable insights and discover new solutions. Stay tuned for more information on the time, place, and topics of these sessions.

SpeedLab release

Gain valuable insights and knowledge from our exhibitors, who will be delivering special talks and presentations in smaller groups dedicated to specific areas on the exhibition floor. This is your chance to learn from the experts and get a deeper understanding of the topics that matter most to your business.

Partner Pavilion

Join our partners and gain access to the latest state-of-the-art information. These engaging sessions are organized by associations and partners, in close cooperation with our organization team, to deliver valuable insights and practical knowledge.

program Release

We're currently working hard to finalize the release of our first set of lectures, which promise to be engaging and informative. The first session, taking place on October 18th, will be organized by the RAIN Alliance. Stay tuned for more details on this and other exciting lectures that will be coming your way!
Partner pavilion

Hot Topics Program 2023

Sustainability and Automation


Smart City



Industrial IoT & Maintenance

Logistics & Supply Chain

Consumer IoT

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Wireless IoT Podcasts

Get inspired by what our sponsors and exhibitors have in store for you!

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Wireless IoT Technologies

Discover the technologies in focus!

Simultaneous and Integrated Partner Events

Experience it All in One Place
AIM Summit

AIM Summit and 50th Anniversary

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AIM Global

The AIM Summit together with the 50th anniversary celebration will be held in conjunction with the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023 in Wiesbaden, Germany.

RAIN Alliance Meeting


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The RAIN Alliance Meeting will be held parallel and integrated into the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023 in Wiesbaden (near Frankfurt Airport), Germany.

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Event Location

Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 1,
65185 Wiesbaden
Entrance: North

Opening Hours

9 AM – 5 PM


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