Media Partners Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023

We’re delighted to introduce our esteemed media partners for this year’s IoT Expo focusing on Wireless IoT. Together, we’re exploring a new frontier in wireless technology, amplifying the conversation, and delivering the latest industry news and insights to a global audience.

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Think WIOT Group

Expert knowledge, field reports, the performance of wireless IoT technologies and practical examples form the core of this website. Decision-makers need not only experience and expertise to make the right decision, but also advisory support. Above all, these are people who can assess the projects from their area of expertise. You can get in touch with these contacts here on this website!

This platform was conceived from the necessity of providing all relevant information on wireless technologies for IoT in one place. With our many years of experience in this field, we rose to the occasion and gathered numerous renowned suppliers of wireless technologies with their products and solutions, and developed a search engine that is user-friendly, comprehensive, accurate, and holistic.

“In this fast-paced environment, it is crucial to have access to up-to-date information, which is exactly what we are making available for you.”

Join Us as a Media Partner

We're always looking to collaborate with media outlets passionate about technology, innovation, and IoT. If you're interested in becoming a media partner for the IoT Expo, please get in touch.
Why Become a Media Partner?
Being a media partner presents the opportunity to be at the forefront of the IoT industry, and engage with a tech-driven audience.
How to Become a Media Partner
To join us as a media partner for the IoT Expo, contact our media relations team. We would be delighted to discuss potential collaborations and the benefits of partnering.