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Pragmatic Semiconductor

Creating ultra-thin, ultra-low-cost flexible integrated circuits

Pragmatic’s ultra-low-cost, ultra-thin, flexible integrated circuits make it possible to embed our chips into almost anything, bringing connectivity and intelligence to everyday objects. Example applications include radio frequency identification (RFID) and near field communications (NFC), where our chips cost less than a penny and allow these everyday objects to be given unique digital identities as well as interact with their environment. This brings game-changing benefits to the entire product lifecycle, including inventory reduction, traceability, counterfeit detection, proof of provenance, and customer interaction. Pragmatic’s technology is a key enabler for a circular economy and supporting sustainability goals, preserving valuable resources by allowing organisations to effectively reduce, recycle and reuse products and materials. Examples include:

• Reducing food waste. By adding our chips to food packaging, retailers can use RFID and sensors to determine freshness, better controlling supply chains and enabling dynamic use-by dates.

• Recycling materials. Our technology can be used to significantly improve the return and recycling of single-use packaging, for example through Deposit Return Schemes (DRS), which can now be deployed with automated identification to increase availability, convenience and return rates.

• Reusing packaging. Our chips enable item-level traceability of multi-use assets within a universal system for recapture,
sorting, cleaning, and return.



It is with great honor that we announce Pragmatic Semiconductor as a prestigious Platinum Sponsor for the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023. Get ready for unparalleled innovation! Meet the innovator and sponsor at Booth #14.

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Booth #14
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Exhibitor and Platinum Sponsor

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400 Cambridge Science Park Milton Rd, Milton, Cambridge
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