Impinj plays an Important Role atthe Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023


Introducing Impinj as Partner Network Sponsor

Being the leading gathering of its kind in Europe, the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023 congregates the most brilliant intellects, forward-thinking innovators, and notable figures from the industry to delve into the boundless potential of the IoT landscape. In the midst of the excitement of preparing for this event, we are thrilled to introduce Impinj as an official Partner Network Sponsor for this year’s event.

About Impinj

Impinj is a producer of antennas, readers, sensors and tags. The French company empowers enterprises and individuals to enhance analysis, optimization, and innovation through the wireless integration of billions of ordinary items, ranging from clothing and automotive components to luggage and shipments, with the Internet. Leveraging RAIN RFID technology, the Impinj platform promptly provides data about these commonplace objects to both business and consumer applications, ultimately fostering an expansive Internet of Things.

Impinj in the Wireless IoT tomorrow Webcast Series

Impinj will be featured in a webcast episode that will center on the application of RAIN RFID for promoting sustainability, highlighting how collaborations can drive significant innovations contributing to sustainable endeavors such as the circular economy. Megan Brewster, VP of Advanced Technology will provide valuable insights on how to go forward sutainably.

Impinj Represented with a Lecture!

Impinj is prepared to make a significant impact at the forthcoming event with an engaging and thought-provoking lecture entitled ‘The Journey to Trillions of Connected Things’. Chris Diorio, Chief Executive Officer, Vice Chair, and Co-Founder of Impinj will share insights in this talk which will undoubtedly enrich participants’ understanding of the most current industry trends.

Mark Your Calendar:

The Impinj partner network will be present at the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023 on October 18th & 19th. Meet them live in action!

Join us as we uncover the future of wireless IoT innovation with Impinj. Be part of the drive that will shape industries, redefine connectivity, and inspire the next generation of IoT enthusiasts.

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