Let’s Talk Wireless IoT Episode with Turck Released!

Automation Expert Turck on Let’s Talk Wireless IoT “By attending the Wireless IoT tomorrow, you are at the heart of the RFID industry!” says Jessica Säilä, Head …
Portrait of Jessica Säilä from Turck / Turck Vilant Systems and mention of his name and company as Guest of the podcast

Automation Expert Turck on Let’s Talk Wireless IoT

“By attending the Wireless IoT tomorrow, you are at the heart of the RFID industry!” says Jessica Säilä, Head of Marketing, Turck Vilant Systems!

Attention all automation and RFID enthusiasts: the Wireless IoT tomorrow live will start on October 19th and 20th in Wiesbaden. More than 80 exhibitors will present the latest products, use cases and solutions from the world of Wireless IoT. Among them: automation expert and Wireless IoT tomorrow veteran Turck!

Turck has been enriching the Wireless IoT tomorrow with products and solutions for process automation and optimization since 2010. Jessica Säilä reveals exactly what the company has planned for this year on Let’s Talk Wireless IoT. Tune in now!

Accurate Process Overview with RFID

At Turck, everything revolves around factory, process and logistics automation. Goods and load carriers are tagged with RFID and tracked across the entire value chain. Visibility and inventory accuracy is almost 100 percent. Safety and excess inventories can be reduced. Shrinkage is prevented.

“In times of material shortages, an increasing number of companies are opting for warehouse automation. Typically, safety stock is held back, but this just-in-case approach is simply out of date,” points out Jessica Säilä. “For example, one customer managed over 80,000 items in multiple warehouses. After just two years with RFID, the inventory was reduced to 25,000 items.”

Automation Experts and RFID Product Selection Live On-Site in Wiesbaden

But how exactly does process automation work with RFID? With RFID readers, read/write heads, interfaces, handhelds, tags, connectivity and RFID-based solutions for asset tracking including system integration. Turck offers all of this. And the right experts are right there in the RheinMain CongressCenter.

“At Turck, we are hands-on, solving problems and helping customers,” says Jessica Säilä. “In Wiesbaden, there are hardware and solution specialists on-site who can answer any questions visitors may have about process automation – for example, how a UHF RFID reader works on a forklift truck. Anyone interested in Industrial IoT will be in good hands at Turck’s booth #69.”

This year, the focus is on warehouse automation – including HF products, new UHF readers and solutions for asset tracking on conveyor belts and with RFID on forklifts. Even an RFID gate will be on live display at the booth!

New RFID Concepts and Use Cases in the Conference Program

But that is by no means all: At the Wireless IoT tomorrow, the latest user reports, use cases and practical tips will be presented in over 30 expert lectures in the conference program – a real highlight of the event. Turck is also present here with two lectures.

In the first presentation, “The Success Story of the Finnish ProMart: RFID Enables Autonomous Shopping and Self-service Warehouses in Industrial Settings,” Jessica Säilä explains a live RFID store concept. Thanks to RFID, an unmanned store can be set up in the immediate vicinity of industrial customers. These include shipyards or port facilities, for example.

The second lecture by Hendrik Schnabel, Product Management RFID Systems at Turck, is all about warehouse automation. Visitors will learn how RFID is integrated into a warehouse from the ground up. The advantages of picking, loading and delivery processes will be explained in detail, as well as tracking and goods bookings with RFID gates and RFID forklifts.

Be at the pulse of the RFID industry. Visit the Wireless IoT tomorrow and catapult your company into Industry 4.0 with automation solutions.

Want to learn more already? Watch the full episode of Let’s Talk Wireless IoT with Jessica Säilä here!


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