Juho Partanen

Director of Business Development, Voyantic

Three Tips for Tagging Automotive Parts with RAIN RFID


Join this presentation to learn how to leverage the RAIN RFID-tagged automotive parts specifically after the vehicle is out from the factory, for example, in parking, toll collection, service centers, etc.

On the other hand, what are the challenges related to tagged automotive parts? For example, a toll collection read point needs to differentiate the car license plates from all the other tags that pass by together with the car: bumper tags, four tagged tires, and seats with embedded tags, just to point out a few. This situation is called “tag flooding”. A toll collection point only has less than a hundred milliseconds to get the job done! Join the presentation to learn the solution for this challenge.


Juho is the co-founder of Voyantic and has 20 years of experience in RFID. Working currently as the Director of Business Development, he combines technical, business, and communication aspects to make RAIN technology easier to utilize across end-user industries. As a true believer in the RAIN technology, he has been driving strategic initiatives and industry collaboration in ISO, GS1, and the RAIN Alliance.

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