Helmut Dansachmüller

VP, Product Marketing & Innovation, Extended Access Technologies, HID Global

It’s Not About Technology, It’s About Value: Reasons Why RFID is Key in eHealth


Over the last two years, the healthcare industry has faced many changes and challenges related to time management, resource limitations, fast-evolving regulations, technology innovations and patient experience. Healthcare institutions are also tasked to quality medical care, increased efficiency and reduced cost. In this context RFID technology is aimed to facilitate seamless process integration and reduce system complexity while being as simple to use as possible. Indeed, a broad acceptance is mandatory to protect patient information across all processes beyond the theoretical security policy. Allowing authorized personnel to access sensitive data across different workstations must be convenient.

In addition to authentication of people, RFID technology helps identify tools and equipment to create cost reports and provide further information on the use.

This session will detail the benefits of using RFID technology to identify people and equipment, streamline processes and prevent mis-usage of (medical) tools in the healthcare industry. Integrating RFID intelligence to eHealth systems helps organizations maintain security and efficiency for both physical and digital environments — all while ensuring compliance to stringent healthcare regulations.


Helmut Dansachmüller, VP of Product Marketing and innovation, HID Global. He is driving HID’s diverse and flexible portfolio of RFID desktop readers and reader modules across frequencies and applications. Helmut has been in the security business for more than 25 years in various management roles for some of the leading suppliers of a broad range of security solutions. He also holds some patents. Within the last 20 years he has successfully led different engineering, global product management and marketing teams. His portfolio includes one of the first VPN products ever, as well as solutions for HW-based encryption in combination with RFID technologies managed by his various teams.

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