Partner Pavilion Program at Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023

IoT Knowledge Power: Enjoy the partner pavilion Presentations
Program to be revealed

Key Focus

Join us for a deep dive into the world of IoT as associations organize informative lectures and presentations at the partner pavilions. Stay updated on the latest developments and innovations in this exciting field.

Different Events in One

Get the most out of your IoT experience with a customized program organized by industry associations at #wiottomorrow23. See everything you need to know about the IoT world in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions about Partner pavilion

All you need to know!

How will the organisation of the Partner pavilion look like?

At the partner pavilion, industry associations will organize up to two blocks per day with up to six lectures each. This means that up to four different associations can participate, providing focused and informative content on the latest developments in the IoT world.

How can I join the lectures?

Like the lecture theater or speedlabs, the partner pavilion is integrated into the exhibition and can be easily accessed. This provides flexibility for attendees to visit and learn about the latest IoT developments at their convenience.

When can we expect the program for the partner pavilion to be available online?

Stay tuned for updates on scheduled lectures in the coming weeks. We’ll keep this page updated with the latest information, so be sure to check back often and stay in the loop.