Let’s Talk WIoT S3E4: Kathrein Solutions, Revolutionizing RFID, Auto ID, Sensors, and RTLS

Event Date for Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023: October 18-19, 2023
Event Location: Wiesbaden, Germany (Near Frankfurt)

In this special episode of “Let’s Talk WIoT,” we’re honored to have Thomas Brunner, Managing Director at Kathrein Solutions, as our esteemed guest. Get ready for an enlightening discussion that delves deep into cutting-edge topics such as RFID, Auto ID, Sensors, and RTLS (Real-Time Location Systems).

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The Kathrein Solutions Landscape

Kathrein Solutions is redefining the boundaries of RFID, Auto ID, Sensors, and RTLS. Thomas Brunner offers a rare look into the company’s visionary strategies and groundbreaking advancements in these domains.

Don’t Miss the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023

This episode serves as an excellent prelude to the upcoming Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023 event. Kathrein Solutions will not only participate but also significantly contribute to the knowledge base, making it a must-attend event for anyone serious about the future of Wireless IoT.

Wrapping Up

This episode is a treasure trove of knowledge and insights. Mark your calendar for the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023 event, and stay tuned to “Let’s Talk WIoT” for more insightful conversations about the future of Wireless IoT.

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