Let’s Talk WIoT S3, E2: In Conversation with Aileen Ryan, President and CEO of RAIN Alliance


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Welcome to the second episode of the third season of Let’s Talk WIoT! We continue to set the stage for the upcoming event, Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023, with another industry titan—Aileen Ryan, President and Chief Executive Officer of RAIN Alliance.

Quick highlights from ‘Let’s Talk WIoT!’ podcast to keep you ahead of the curve.

RAIN RFID & Digitalization

When asked about the keyword “digitalization,” Aileen stated that RAIN RFID is crucial for data-driven decision-making and automating processes in today’s connected world.

RAIN RFID & Sustainability

RAIN RFID is not just revolutionizing asset tracking; it is also contributing to sustainability by reducing waste and optimizing resource usage.

Industry Forecast for 2023

Despite challenges in the global market, Aileen remains optimistic about the growth of RAIN RFID, citing increasing demand for data-centric solutions.

About the RAIN Alliance

Strategy and Four Pillars

RAIN Alliance focuses on driving adoption, ensuring interoperability, fostering innovation, and promoting the business value of RAIN RFID.

Future Outlook

Over the next five years, Aileen sees the RAIN Alliance leading numerous groundbreaking projects and contributing to major technological advancements in the IoT space.

10th Anniversary Highlights

The upcoming 10th anniversary will celebrate RAIN RFID’s impact on global industries and its evolution as a cornerstone technology.

RAIN Alliance at Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023

Aileen gave us a sneak peek into the Partner Pavilion plans for the upcoming event, hinting at some cutting-edge exhibits and discussions that attendees shouldn’t miss.


Don’t miss this chance to gain invaluable insights straight from the top. Save the date for the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023 and keep tuning into Let’s Talk WIoT for more industry-leading discussions. Until next time!

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