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Logo of "SAG". The letters "SAG" are in black, and the tagline under the letters reads "Security Assembly Group".


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SAG's mission is to identify,engage, and empower a smart RFID tagging connectivity focus on a value added service to answer the challenges through our unique positioning of design-in mechanism, material science, and expertise under one roof.

Based in Taiwan, we provide standard products and customized RFID Transponders in LF, HF (NFC) to UHF (RAIN RFID) technology. We also act as the enabler to more advanced applications when it comes to IoT and Industry 4.0. SAG focus on very complex, profound RFID tagging challenges in healthcare, automotive, industrial to consuming and deliver values through logistics distribution and all the way to the hands of consumer. We love to embrace new ideas and help our customer navigate out-of-the-box tagging solutions.

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No. 99, Renhuagong 2nd Road, Dali District, Taichung, Taiwan
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