Lionel Geynet


Lionel Geynet

Lionel Geynet currently serves as RFID business unit manager with ASYGN. He joined ASYGN in 2016 and took over the leadership of the UHF RFID IC program.

As a technical leader, he was responsible for product development. Lionel spent last 5 years promoting UHF RFID for sensor applications demonstrating UHF RFID can be a key enabler for Industry 4.0.

He is the author of several keynotes in different exhibitions to explain advantages of UHF RFID protocols in wireless IoT applications.

Prior to Asygn, Lionel was RF Design Leader at Freescale Semiconductor in Toulouse, France, where he managed and developed Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems and Anti-Collision Radar.

Up to 2008, Mr. Geynet was Senior RFIC Design Engineer at Cypress Semiconductor in Cork, Ireland, where he developed innovative structures and architectures for RF/Analog integrated circuits.


Lecture Theater Presenter
RFID Business Unit Manager

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