Frithjof Walk

Frithjof Walk

Frithjof Walk

Frithjof Walk is working with Schneider-Kennzeichnung GmbH since 2015. Since 1991 he is active in Sales and Marketing for RFID/Auto-ID products and solutions.

In 2000 Frithjof Walk was elected as member of the board of AIM Germany e.V., responsible for marketing and PR.
Since 2002 he is Chairman of the Board of AIM Germany.
In 2002 he was appointed as the Chairman of AIM Globals EMEA-Region Chapter Council.
Since 2003 he is member of the Board of AIM Global.
Since 2012 Frithjof Walk is President of AIM Europe VZW.


Lecture Theater Presenter
Member of the Board AIM Global, AIM Inc., Chairman of the Board AIM Deutschland e.V., President AIM Europe B.V.
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