Wirepas – Straight outta Tampere!: Let’s Talk Wireless IoT Episode #2 Seasons (1)

A microphone in the middle with the logo of the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2021 on the left and the logo of Wirepas on the right of the microphone. Above the slogan: Let's talk Wireless IoT and under the microphone is a logo of Spotify and YouTube.

Thomas Weisshaupt Ecosystem Architect D-A-CH, Wirepas Let’s Talk Wireless IoT Episode #2 Seasons (1): Wirepas – Straight outta Tampere!

September 14th 2021 Exciting insights from Thomas Weisshaupt about Wirepas as the exhibitor with the largest booth ever at #wiottomorrow21. 9 co-exhibitors: Fujitsu Components Europe, Kinexon, IntraNav, Indutrax, Bornemann, Ela Innovation, BlueUp, tatwah, and Mecomo. #meshnetworks #assettracking #inventory #connectivity #routers #data #2.4GHz #lecture #Booth70