The Latest on Digital Healthcare at the Wireless IoT tomorrow!

View of a laboratory where three people are working with laboratory items. On it, the sentence: Experts explain how wireless IoT technology improves safety in healthcare and reduces the workload of medical staff.

Smart Health and E-Health Trends Unveiled at Europe’s Largest Wireless IoT Event!

Digital solutions for patient protection, identification and monitoring, access control of medical facilities, secure medication dispensing and asset tracking in healthcare – all this and more awaits visitors at the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022 on October 19th and 20th at the RheinMain CongressCenter Wiesbaden.

IoT Innovations for Healthcare in the Conference Program

What exactly makes a visit to the Wireless IoT tomorrow so special? The extensive conference program with over 30 expert lectures. The certainty of being right on the pulse of the latest IoT developments. The numerous opportunities to network face-to-face with digitization experts and solve concrete problems – including challenges in the healthcare sector.

In the live conference, three speakers will present concrete use cases, success stories and practical tips for a successful digitization strategy in healthcare. Included:

The focus is on the use of RFID technology for the identification of people and medical equipment, the transformation of clinics into smart hospitals, and the authentication of medical products.

Product and Solution Highlights for Healthcare Applications at the Wireless IoT tomorrow

It is not only in the conference program that end users from the healthcare industry will find inspiration for new solutions: the exhibition features over 80 companies, many of which offer IoT products for use in healthcare. These include:

  • Apulsetech – the South Korean company specializes in the development of RFID readers that identify RFID-tagged objects or people using RFID-enabled patient wristbands.
  • HID Global – with the acquisition of Omni-ID, the company has expanded its portfolio to include new sensor tags that measure temperature, level and moisture. Moisture measurement of adult diapers offers benefits for nursing, while temperature monitoring can be used in vaccine monitoring, for example.
  • Joaneo – the sustainable, paper-based printed RFID tags and inlays from the Luxembourg-based RFID specialist are used for monitoring and tracking blood samples, among other applications.
  • SAG – the expert for customized RFID solutions has developed RFID tags for medical devices that can withstand even sterilization processes and, thanks to a small form factor, can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces or objects in a space-saving manner.

Optimize the operation of your medical facility too. Increase data and patient safety. The IoT specialists at the Wireless IoT tomorrow will be happy to advise you. Secure your ticket now and be there live!


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