Gary Tattersall

Managing Director Europe, RFKeeper, a DENSO WAVE EUROPE Partner

1. Supply Chain Visibility, Driving Efficiencies.

2. As a Retailer, What Kept Me Awake at Night?


1. In this presentation, you will learn how RFID-based inventory management can help you as a supply chain manager in the daily challenge of managing your inventory in real time while reducing costs and increasing sales.

2. We will not only get to the bottom of this question in our lecture, we will also provide the solution so that you can sleep peacefully in the future.


Gary Tattersall was formerly the Director of Asset Protection & Risk Management at Jack Wills, leading the loss prevention, brand protection, inventory control and health and safety teams. Gary’s strategic vision and pragmatic approach to risk management was key in driving improvements and efficiencies throughout the business. Gary put his team and Jack Wills as front runners using new exciting initiatives like RFID to drive inventory accuracy. Gary is currently the Managing Director Europe at RFKeeper who are a leading SW provider with the goal of leading the digital transformation in the brick and mortar stores. The company has a wide range of solutions, starting from supply chain management, loss prevention solutions, smart fitting rooms, self-checkout counters, big data and data analytic capabilities.

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