Eric Casavant

Technical Marketing, Wiliot

Massive IoT – Enabling Real-time Cold Chain for Israel’s Largest Retailer Shufersal


Battery-free Bluetooth technology is optimizing a farm to store cold chain, reducing food waste, improving quality, and extending the shelf-life of produce harvested for Israel’s largest chain of grocery stores.
Not far from the place where agriculture was born, a cloud-based system from local startup, Wiliot, is enabling real time sensing using smart labels applied to reusable plastic crates. Hear about the story of this deployment, the technology that enables it and where this fits in with the larger movement towards Massive IoT.


Eric Casavant leads technical marketing for Wiliot. His team creates demonstrations that showcase Wiliot technology, benchmarks key performance metrics, and runs marketing outreach to partners and new users.

Prior to Wiliot, Eric co-founded a global RFID printing and data management company. He holds a Masters Degree in Materials Physics, where he applied machine learning to create predictive tools for calculating missing metrology data.

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