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Fraunhofer IIS

"Ambient IoT" and "Zero Energy Communications" from Fraunhofer IIS

The Fraunhofer IIS is a renowned partner for wireless communication, networking and identification. The Institute offers unique technologies and extensive know-how of various programming languages, operating systems and communication protocols. The Institute accompanies the individual needs analysis to the definition of goals up to the system in the application.

Main focus on WIOT tomorrow is the "Ambient IoT" and "Zero Energy Communications", powering wireless sensor devices by energy harvesting from RF or environment as well as passive communication technologies using backscatter modulation. These are central topics of the current 3GPP and IEEE standardization on IoT devices powered by energy harvesting and using energy optimized wireless protocols.

Our focus is on current opportunities, examples, and theoretical and practical limitations of realizing energy-autonomous wireless sensors that are sustainably powered from energy harvesting sources. We consider different application scenarios as well as different radio systems such as LPWAN, WIFI, Bluetooth and RFID in conjunction with current standardization activities in 3GPP and IEEE.

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