New RFID and IoT Trends in “Let’s Talk Wireless IoT”

Portrait of Leon de Ridder from Cisper and mention of his name and company as Guest of the podcast "Let's Talk Wireless IoT" in the season (2) 2022.

“The Wireless IoT tomorrow is the number one IoT event for us!” says Leon de Ridder, Managing Director, Cisper!

On your marks, get set, IoT! The Wireless IoT tomorrow will kick off on October 19th and 20th at the RheinMain CongressCenter in Wiesbaden. Over 80 exhibitors will participate, showcasing the latest IoT products and solutions and discussing IoT trends and best practices. For IoT and RFID enthusiasts, participation is a must.

With us: Cisper Electronics! The distributor specializes in the distribution of readers, antennas, hard tags, labels, beacons, gateways, printers, sensors, IoT routers and RTLS from selected partners. What exactly Cisper has up its sleeve for the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022 is revealed by Leon de Ridder in “Let’s Talk Wireless IoT”.

RFID and IoT Consulting Direct and Live On-Site in Wiesbaden

A large number of Cisper experts will be present at the Wireless IoT tomorrow. At booth #46, visitors can expect comprehensive advice on RFID and IoT products. Their areas of application are diverse. The products distributed by Cisper are used in Industrial IoT, logistics, retail, healthcare and security.

“Cisper is a highly specialized distributor. The focus is on services for customers and partners,” emphasizes Leon de Ridder. “We set high standards for our services and only work with selected partners. In this way, we support customers in selecting the best possible RFID or IoT product for the respective application. We are reinforcing this philosophy with a new company branding, which will be on display for the first time at the Wireless IoT tomorrow.”

Selected Products Presented at the Wireless IoT tomorrow

And what products does Cisper have in store for the tomorrow 2022?

“Highlights this year include Wiliot development kits, new routers and circuits from Teltonika Network, new RFID readers from Impinj and Nordic ID, and tags from Confidex,” lists Leon de Ridder. “As a distributor, we represent various manufacturers and focus on new developments and trends in the industry.”

Focus on RFID and IoT in the Conference Program and Personal Conversation

But that’s not all: Cisper is also represented with a lecture in the conference program. Managing Directors Arthur Fioole and Leon de Ridder will talk about the latest RFID and IoT trends and developments. Visitors will get a clear insight into new products and solutions and how exactly different technologies can be combined in one solution.

“Technology combinations are particularly interesting because the added value generated far exceeds the sum of the two technologies used. Completely new application possibilities and solutions emerge,” Leon de Ridder explains enthusiastically. “And that’s exactly what we’re hoping for from the Wireless IoT tomorrow – to talk to existing and new partners, to exchange ideas, and to work out new solutions. The event is the opportunity for networking.”

Be part of the experience too! Attend the Wireless IoT tomorrow and talk to the experts from Cisper.

Can’t wait to attend? For more information, check out the full episode of “Let’s Talk Wireless IoT” with Leon de Ridder.

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