New Episode “Let’s Talk Wireless IoT” with NXP Semiconductors Released

Hear more about the latest RAIN RFID developments from James Goodland, Director, RAIN RFID Solutions, NXP Semiconductors!

The Wireless IoT tomorrow, Europe’s largest event for wireless IoT technologies, begins on October 19th and 20th in the RheinMain CongressCenter Wiesbaden – including the latest innovations with the technologies RFID, NFC, BLE, sensor technology, and many more. And who will definitely be there, at such an event? That’s right: NXP Semiconductors!

The expert for RFID chips and solutions of all kinds is a Gold Sponsor of the event, will be on-site with a team of experts and will give a lecture at the live conference. James Goodland gives an insight into new and future RAIN RFID solutions in the new episode of the webcast series “Let’s Talk Wireless IoT” – tune in now!

Expanding RAIN RFID Deployment Across Numerous Industries

In 2020, 30 billion RFID chips were sold worldwide – six times the number sold five years ago, and the trend continues. An increasing number of companies are recognizing the benefits of the technology and are turning to RAIN RFID in order to increase visibility in supply and value chains – for example in retail, parcel logistics and manufacturing. The spread of applications such as the tagging of luggage with RFID, or the tagging of vehicles with RFID-enabled license plates and RFID windshield labels is also steadily increasing.

New RAIN RFID Chips for the RFID Applications of the Future

Part of the existing and new applications are the RAIN RFID chips from NXP. The product portfolio includes three product categories:

  • High-performance chips such as UCODE 8 and UCODE 9, on which only the EPC is stored. These are used, for example, in retail and parcel logistics for inventory management and item tracking.

  • Memory RAIN RFID tags – these chips have additional memory in which, for example, a batch number, the product type or an expiry date can be stored. This information remains on the product throughout the entire value chain without the need for a database.

  • UCODE DNA: these chips have cryptographic security features that provide security in authentication solutions, for example in vehicle identification or access control.

More about Memory RAIN RFID Explained Live

Visitors to Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022 can find out more about the possible applications and advantages of Memory RAIN RFID chips in the lecture by James Goodland: “Accelerating the Industrial IoT through the Use of Larger Memory RAIN RFID Tags”.

The lecture focuses on RAIN RFID chips with extra storage, enabling additional information to be stored and remain with a product for its entire life cycle.

Want to know more right now? Then watch the webcast episode “Let’s Talk Wireless IoT” with James Goodland here!