Let’s Talk Wireless IoT Episode with Wirepas Released!

Portrait of Thomas Weisshaupt from Wirepas and mention of his name and company as Guest of the podcast "Let's Talk Wireless IoT in the season (2) 2022.

World Premiere at Wirepas: First Non-Cellular 5G in Let’s Talk Wireless IoT

“With the DECT-2020-NR Standard, a 5G technology will enable a Mesh-Topology in a dedicated 1.9 GHz spectrum for the first time. This will allow the number of connected devices to explode, as massive IoT is now enabled to be standardized and affordable!” says Thomas Weisshaupt, Managing Director Germany, Wirepas!

The curtain will rise on the Wireless IoT tomorrow on October 19th and 20th in Wiesbaden. More than 80 exhibitors are ready for action. Among them: Wirepas – a major driver of the first non-cellular 5G mesh technology.

But what exactly is 5G Mesh? And what can the implementation of the standard with Wirepas technology do? Before the start of the largest IoT event in Europe, Thomas Weisshaupt explains everything about Wirepas live and directly in Let’s Talk Wireless IoT. Watch it now here!

5G Network Construction without Radio Masts

What makes Wirepas’ implementation of the new wireless technology unique? The innovative development work and the development of an ecosystem with specialized partners in all industry areas. Designing products with foresight, shaping the future today and supporting end users with exactly what they need. In concrete terms, this means: Massive IoT – 5G networks are built without radio masts and enable the coexistence of parallel solutions in the 1,9 GHz spectrum without a dedicated network operator. Every networked device can be a highly reliable router or access point at the same time. The advantage: Every solution provider can achieve 5G performance while minimizing the costs.

“Wirepas Mesh has been operating with a profile in the 2.4 gigahertz band for years. Here, the technology has proven that collisions can be prevented despite multiple competing implementations (WLAN, Bluetooth, Zigbee etc.) at the same location.The goal is to build massive 5G networks. Companies thus have absolute data control and reliable autonomous connectivity,” explains Thomas Weisshaupt and continues: “Massive means 920,000 or more devices in a network. That’s how many the largest single Wirepas mesh network to date contains. But Wirepas manages even more.”

… and how?

“Together with partners of course! Wirepas provides 5G- and 2.4 GHz mesh deep tech. Our partners build solutions on top of it. We will be ready at the Wireless IoT tomorrow at booth #71,” emphasizes Thomas Weisshaupt.

All of the 200 partner companies would hardly fit into the exhibition hall. That is why only a selection of partners will be there in Wiesbaden. This includes:

Mesh Applications Explained

But what does smart lighting have to do with Massive IoT, for example? Quite simply, every luminaire simultaneously acts as a router in a mesh. This also enables asset tracking in buildings, for example, without having to lay a single cable for it. The infrastructure is in place with the installation of the connected luminaires.

“Breaking down data silos and combining technologies is something our innovative partners do virtually every day,” says Thomas Weisshaupt. “What the future holds: Instead of building radio towers or other infrastructure, 90 percent of the resources go into application, device, and solution development. Moreover, new 5G solutions like these will be presented in one of the future editions of the Wireless IoT tomorrow event –  in addition to our established and successful solutions in the 2.4 GHz band already showcased by our partners in 2022 edition.”

Wirepas is particularly interesting for intelligent tracking, smart metering, smart city applications and smart manufacturing processes.

Even More 5G Expertise in the Conference Program

But that’s not all! In addition to the exhibition presence, Wirepas will also participate in the conference program with a lecture.

In the lecture “How the First Non-cellular 5G Standard (DECT 2020 NR) Impacts the Massive IOT Game”, Thomas Weisshaupt explains the evolution of 5G mesh radio transmission – including new applications and solutions for the Massive IoT.

“With 5G mesh, the number of connected devices will scale exponentially,” predicts Thomas Weisshaupt. “In the next few years, we will see a Cambrian explosion of new business models with wireless IoT.”

Take the first step into the future with 5G Mesh. Visit Wirepas at booth #71 on October 19th and 20th in Wiesbaden.

No time to waste? Then watch the new episode of “Let’s Talk Wireless IoT” with Thomas Weisshaupt right now!

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