SpeedLabs Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023

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No more talking from afar - connect at a table. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and Gain valuable insights and expand your knowledge like never before.

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Join flexibly and barrier-free, directly integrated into the exhibition. Pick the SpeedLab that's right for you and take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn and connect.

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Check out the program and find the SpeedLabs that interest you. Or, become a part of the program and let us know which questions you want to have answered.

Frequently Asked Questions about SpeedLabs

All you need to know!

What are SpeedLabs?

SpeedLabs are offered by exhibitors and take place at designated areas throughout the exhibition. These labs cover a specific topic and typically have between 5-10 participants. This unique opportunity allows for valuable insights to be shared on a particular topic, while also giving you the chance to ask detailed or individual questions.

Why Speedlabs?

Bridge the gap between lectures and the general exhibition with SpeedLabs. These sessions offer a unique opportunity to meet with an expert in a smaller group and discuss a specific topic. Unlike general lectures, SpeedLabs are designed to be interactive and encourage information exchange. Don’t miss out on this chance to ask questions and gain valuable insights in a more intimate setting.

Where will the Speedlabs take place?

SpeedLab hubs will be installed throughout the exhibition, equipped with everything you need to experience these sessions. You won’t have to leave the exhibition hall, as these special areas offer a convenient and all-in-one solution. Explore and participate in SpeedLabs right in the exhibition.

When will the Speedlab program be online?

Stay tuned for updates on scheduled SpeedLabs in the coming weeks. We’ll keep this page updated with the latest information, so be sure to check back often and stay in the loop.