5 | Assembly tracking in the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr)


5 | Assembly tracking in the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr)

RTLS | Parts Tracking | Easy Installation

The example of the German Armed Forces clearly shows the advantages of a WIREPAS Mesh+ System on an area of 15 football pitches and how quickly an installation can be carried out.
Bornemann combines location and sensor technologies with intelligent software to help businesses do their daily work efficiently and sustainably. High-resolution hardware with a locating accuracy of up to 15 cm shows you perfectly where something is. Quickly installed and, thanks to the rental system, affordable even for smaller companies, if desired. The hybrid application also tracks objects in vehicles, ideal for tracking goods from the warehouse to their destination, with theft protection built in.

Lecture Quick Info

Lecture Technologie Focus on
BLE, IoT Cellular, IoT Pixel, LoRaWAN, LPWAN, NFC, RFID, RTLS, UWB, Wireless Sensors
Program Type
Lecture Theater | Main Stage
Day 2 | 19th of October
11:10 AM
Pensa WIOT
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