Expo WIoT Show 24

Discover Products, Solutions, Ideas, and Partners
Global Exhibition
Meet companies from all around the world.
Discover the Complete Spectrum.
Explore the Landscape of IoT Technologies.
Explore all represented Applicationfields.
Live Demos
Discover the Four Demo Zones within the Themed Specialty Arenas
From AI to RFID and Sensoric.

International Exhibition

Experience the breadth of innovation at an international platform where IoT technologies are represented, encompassing a wide array of applications and products. Engage with industry leaders and pioneers from around the world, exploring the future of interconnected technologies across diverse sectors.

Special Themed Arenas WIoT tomorrow 2024

LPWAN Solutions

Smart Connect Arena

Discover the future of connectivity at the Smart Connect Arena, where LPWAN Solutions take center stage. Explore integrated demo areas designed to showcase the power and potential of low-power wide-area network technologies in real-world applications.

RTLS Solutions

Location Intelligence Arena

Step into the Location Intelligence Arena to experience the cutting-edge of RTLS Solutions. This immersive space features interactive demonstrations that highlight how real-time location systems are transforming spatial analysis and decision-making.

Future of Automation

Automation Tech Arena

Experience the forefront of innovation at the Automation Tech Arena, dedicated to the Future of Automation. Engage with hands-on demonstrations that unveil the next generation of automation technologies, driving efficiency and transformation across industries.

5G Innovation

Wireless Frontiers Arena

Venture into the Wireless Frontiers Arena, where 5G Innovation lights the path to the future. Explore dynamic exhibits that demonstrate the revolutionary impact of 5G technology on connectivity, speed, and reliability in a digitally-driven world.

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