4 | RFID Innovations Transforming Automotive Industry 4.0


4 | RFID Innovations Transforming Automotive Industry 4.0

UCODE 9xm | Automotive | Innovations

RFID innovations transforming the automotive industry 4.0 webinar and new UCODE 9xm-based products have created a lot of interest in the field. Webinar presenters Lauri Hyytinen and James Goodland will host the session which will offer the latest updates for the UCODE 9xm technology and a chance for the audience to ask questions about the webinar, automotive trends, and the companies' latest developments.

Target Audience:

People who are interested in large memory RFID transponders, automotive trends, and the latest UCODE 9xm-based products.
Automotive end users, solution providers, system integrators, and label converters.

SpeedLab Quick Info

Technologies in Focus:
Join Us for a SpeedLab at Booth #68! James Goodland and lauri hyytinen will guide you to a special room above the exhibition for the SpeedLab.
18.10 | 14:30
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