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Convincing Service Competence From One Source

cetecom advanced a part of the RWTÜV Group is dedicated to the testing and certification of electronic products, whether with or without telecommunications interfaces.

Thanks to high-precision testing and certification services, international market access can be offered for almost all product categories and industries. This process is supported by competent consulting and accompanying project management.
cetecom advanced is proficient in worldwide approval regulations for the certification and worldwide market launch of its customers' products.

cetecom advanced offers the full range of conformity and development-accompanying tests in the radio technologies UWB, 2G/3G/4G/5G, WLAN, Bluetooth®, RFID, SRD, ZigBee, SIGFOX, LoRa, satellite radio, radar radio, Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) as well as eCall and ERA-Glonass certifications for radio systems across all industries and types.

In addition to these radio tests according to international standards for Europe, USA, Canada, and Japan, the portfolio of testing services also includes electromagnetic compatibility testing, electrical safety testing, and health protection compliance testing, such as SAR or EMF.

In addition to RF laboratories for frequencies up to 500 GHz, EMC laboratories, absorber halls, shielding booths, and an OTA measurement hall, cetecom advanced offers an electrical safety laboratory, SAR labs and battery test laboratories, where Li-ion batteries for a wide range of applications are tested for safety. Products are also tested for their resistance to environmental influences in cetecom advanced's environmental simulation laboratories.

Based on various accreditations granted by the banking industry, the tests conducted in the laboratories for "SmartCard & Identification" at cetecom advanced establish the prerequisites for the approval of cashless payment devices like credit cards, bank card readers, and ATMs.

cetecom advanced carries out the conformity process to grant the timely introduction of your products to the intended markets. According to your specific requirements, cetecom advanced acts as go-between manufacturers and local authorities in more than 200 objective nations, helping you to reduce approval time and save costs.

cetecom advanced invites you to a personal consultation at booth #26 at the Wireless IoT Tomorrow congress, where the team is available to answer any questions you may have regarding product testing and international approval.

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