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UWB Alliance

Collectively Expanding the Future of UWB

The UWB Alliance is committed to expanding the market for UWB technology by advocating regulatory rule sets that promote cooperative coexistence. Working with international regulatory bodies such as the FCC, CEPT, and other such government administrations, the UWB Alliance drives to improve the regulatory environment for UWB products.

The UWB Alliance was founded to support the pioneering work we did within IEEE 802.15.4z where we chaired, orchestrated and promoted end-to-end vendor agnostic interoperability building new standards for UWB chips and consumer electronics.

The .4z standard has become the basis for many other UWB industry interoperability specification efforts (CCC, FiRa and Omlox).

We continue our role within 802 to envision and lead the next iterations of UWB PHY and MAC standardization.

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