1 | Why Winning Companies Know Supply Chain Visibility Matters


1 | Why Winning Companies Know Supply Chain Visibility Matters

RFID Retail Solutions

In an increasingly complex global market, the key to success lies in unlocking the potential of supply chain visibility. Join us in this enlightening session as we delve into how RFID solutions revolutionize supply chain management in the Retail and Transport & Logistics sectors. Discover how RFID technology offers real-time insights, ensuring seamless tracking, and optimizing inventory levels. Explore how industry leaders are leveraging RFID to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver unmatched customer experiences. Learn why today's winning companies recognize RFID's pivotal role in transforming supply chain visibility into a competitive advantage.

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Lecture Technologie Focus on
Program Type
Lecture Theater | Main Stage
Day 1 | 18th of October
01:40 PM


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