Innovation Highlights for Smart Cities at the Wireless IoT tomorrow

Innovation Highlights for Smart Cities at the Wireless IoT tomorrow

The Latest Innovations and IoT Products for the Cities of the Future!

“What will the smart city of tomorrow look like?” Smart city and digitization enthusiasts will find answers to this question at the Wireless IoT tomorrow on October 19th and 20th in Wiesbaden. Over 80 exhibitors will be present at the event – including numerous smart city experts. Intelligent building management, smart waste management systems and mobile access control and authentication solutions for buildings are just some of the focus topics that await visitors.

Smart City Experts Exhibiting at the Wireless IoT tomorrow

Be it building, waste or traffic management: IoT specialists at Wireless IoT tomorrow have the right solution ready for numerous applications.

Product highlights this year include iDTRONIC‘s new SensX indoor air monitoring system and intelligent lighting systems from Ingy that act as routers in a mesh. The former provides accurate monitoring of air quality, hazardous materials and room activity in a unified system. The latter enables additional functions such as asset tracking in buildings without having to lay cables.

Sensor technology specialist Pepperl+Fuchs will also be presenting solutions for the smart city: the WILSEN.sonic.level, for example, a battery-powered ultrasonic sensor, detects the fill levels of waste containers and transmits them via LoRaWAN.

The latest on e-mobility and vehicle management will be presented by Elatec and Kathrein Solutions. A mobile authentication solution enables secure access to e-charging stations, while RFID windshield labels and antennas optimize vehicle management.

More innovative products and solutions for smart cities await visitors at the booths of over 80 exhibitors. Stop by and learn more – up close and live!

Conference Highlight: Authentication Solutions for Smart Cities

But that’s not all: the topic of the smart city is also present in the conference program of the Wireless IoT tomorrow. Burhan Gündüz, Vice President Secure Printing EMEA & Japan from Elatec, will be there! In the lecture “Connectivity and Connection – ID Authentication & Authorization Solutions” on October 20th, everything will revolve around authentication solutions in smart cities, for example for healthcare facilities, at e-charging stations or in office buildings.

Be there live. Talk to smart city experts about future solutions and IoT applications. Get advice from concentrated Smart City expertise – live on-site on October 19th and 20th at the RheinMain CongressCenter in Wiesbaden. Secure your tickets now!

The Latest Digitization Trends at the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022

The Latest Digitization Trends at the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022

Experience IoT Innovations and Developments Up Close!

Ever since the revival of the Wireless IoT tomorrow as a live event in 2021, it has been clear that anyone who attends is at the pulse of the wireless IoT industry. In 2022, visitors to Europe’s largest wireless IoT event can expect even more: over 80 exhibitors and more than 30 expert lectures – live on-site at the RheinMain CongressCenter in Wiesbaden. The focus will be on the latest products, solutions, user reports and practical tips on the use of wireless IoT technologies.

11 Lectures on Wireless IoT Innovation and Trends in the Conference Program

The topic block “Wireless IoT Technologies” starts on October 19th with three lectures:

  • Wireless IoT Technologies mioty – Fast Bidirectional, Low Latency and Energy Efficient LPWAN for Messaging Systems” from Raphael Wirz, Swissphone AG, member of the mioty alliance
  • The Power of Ecosystem – Leveraging Synergies Between Tracking and Sensing in Single Mesh Installations” from Thomas Weisshaupt, Wirepas
  • Industrial IOT and the Future of Fulfillment” from Niklas Bast, Zebra Technologies

On October 20th, the IoT specialists will follow up with eight lectures on Massive IoT, 5G, RFID, RTLS and asset tracking. Included:

Lecture topics include current IoT trends, non-cellular 5G, object localisation with RFID, RTLS, NFC and sensors as well as new asset tracking solutions.

Latest IoT Innovations in the Exhibition

But that is not all! The entire exhibition is packed with new wireless IoT products and solutions, including:

  • Passive UHF RFID sensor chips from Asygn that can sense pemperature, pressure, light intensity, magnet fields, movement or electrical contacts.
  • New, ultra-thin RFID antennas for special applications from FlexiRay.
  • Sustainable RFID tags from the French label specialist Tageos.
  • The Wiliot IoT Pixel, an on-chip bluetooth computer with integrated sensor function, which enables the IoT to be scaled up to trillions of connected items.

and many more! The application areas include automotive & industrial IoT, logistics & supply shain, laboratory & healthcare, smart city & security as well as retail and consumer IoT.

The Wireless IoT tomorrow is the ideal event to connect with partners in the IoT industry. Be there live and let yourself be inspired! Secure your tickets now!

All About Digitalization in Retail at the Wireless IoT tomorrow

All About Digitalization in Retail at the Wireless IoT tomorrow

The Latest Retail & Consumer IoT Solutions at Europe’s Largest IoT Event!

Tired of shrinkage, confusing supply chains and time-consuming inventory counts? If so, retailers take note: Europe’s largest wireless IoT event will kick off on October 19th and 20th, including brand new innovations, IoT products and solutions for retail and consumer IoT.

Four Lectures on Retail & Consumer IoT in the Conference Program

“Retailers that use RAIN RFID, for example, are more successful than their competitors in the long run,” says Matt Branda, Vice President Product, Impinj. “Omnichannel services, the customer journey, inventory management and the supply chain are optimized.”

Visitors of the Wireless IoT tomorrow can find out exactly how this works in the conference program. Technology companies and end users will present the latest research, development work and innovations for digitized retail in talks. Also taking part are:

Lectures will cover the use of RFID in retail, digital twins and brand protection in the fashion industry, and how RFID is embedded directly into apparel items to ensure traceability throughout the supply chain.

Retail and Consumer IoT Experts Among Exhibitors

In addition to the conference, the Wireless IoT tomorrow has other highlights in store for retailers who are blazing the trail for the future of digital retail. Among the more than 80 exhibitors are retail and consumer IoT specialists with innovative solutions. These include:

  • Avery Dennison – the RFID label specialist’s solutions optimize inventory management, traceability and omnichannel services for various retail segments, such as fashion or food retail.

  • DENSO WAVE Europe – the hardware specialist has expanded its product and solution portfolio and offers complete solutions for the retail sector. RFID, barcode and QR codes are used in combination.

  • LAB ID – customized RFID and NFC solutions from the Italian RFID specialist strengthen brand protection, increase customer interaction and enable accurate traceability for products in the supply chain.

  • Zebra Technologies – The RFID, robotics, hardware and software solutions optimize inventory counting and replenishment control in retail stores, among other things.

Optimize your omnichannel services and inventory management, and increase customer satisfaction with technology solutions. Take the first step towards digitization with a visit to the Wireless IoT tomorrow. Secure your tickets now!

Practical Tips for Intelligent Maintenance and Servicing at the Wireless IoT tomorrow

Practical Tips for Intelligent Maintenance and Servicing at the Wireless IoT tomorrow

Intelligently Monitor and Control Industrial Processes!

Increasing operational efficiency and preventing downtime: these are the goals pursued by small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large corporations. But how can this be achieved with intelligent IoT solutions? End users will find the answer at the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022, Europe’s largest event for wireless IoT technologies.

On October 19th and 20th at the RheinMain CongressCenter Wiesbaden, more than 80 exhibitors will be present with innovative products and solutions. The conference program with over 30 expert lectures is packed with the latest use cases, user reports, research reports and practical tips – also for concrete applications in Industrial IoT, maintenance and repair.

Intelligent Solutions Take Industrial Production to a New Level

For those interested in industrial IoT, the conference program offers two thematic blocks: “Industrial IoT & Automotive” on October 19th and “Industrial IoT & Maintenance” on October 20th. In the latter, everything revolves around the expansion of industrial IoT with new RAIN RFID tags, intelligent solutions for maintenance and repair with sensor technology, RFID and localization technologies. Included:

  • “Accelerating the Industrial IoT through the Use of Larger Memory RAIN RFID Tags” from James Goodland, NXP Semiconductors

  • “Optimizing Hydropower Generators (and many more applications) with Passive RFID Sensor Tags” from Richard Aufreiter, HID Global

  • “RFID: Ready for Intelligent Decisions” from Hendrik Schnabel, Turck

  • “Operational Efficiency and Material Flow on the Next Level: How omlox Supercharged Locating and Identification Technologies” from Dr. Matthias Jöst, omlox

  • The Right Printer for RFID Trouble-Free Application: How to Define the Right Hardware for Your Printing & Encoding Needsfrom Benoit Charnallet, TSC Printronix Auto ID

Industrial IoT Experts at the Exhibition

The Wireless IoT tomorrow offers much more, namely the ideal opportunity to establish personal contact with IoT specialists and jointly design innovative solutions for concrete applications in Industry 4.0. Over 80 exhibitors will be present, including;

AEG ID – the identification specialist develops customer-specific transponders and readers for industrial automation solutions and also offers RFID testing technology for Industry 4.0.

Cisper – the hardware distributor offers products for Industry 4.0 from selected manufacturers and supports customers in selecting the appropriate IoT products for the respective application.

Turck – the expert for smart sensor technology and automation increases the availability and efficiency of machines and plants in numerous industries and applications with robust solutions for the industrial sector.

Find the right IoT solutions for your industrial processes, maintenance and servicing. Visit the the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022! Secure your tickets now!

Concentrated Expertise for Smart Logistics and Supply Chains at the Wireless IoT tomorrow

Concentrated Expertise for Smart Logistics and Supply Chains at the Wireless IoT tomorrow

The Latest IoT and Automation Solutions Make Logistics and Supply Chain Efficient, Transparent and Digital!

“Given the shortage of materials and supply bottlenecks, warehouse automation and digitalization of the logistics supply chain is an absolute must!”, knows Jessica Säilä, Head of Marketing of the automation specialist Turck Vilant Systems.

It’s no surprise: almost one hundred percent inventory accuracy, complete traceability of all processes, and high process speeds are just some of the advantages of digital and automated solutions.

Visitors will get an overview of the latest products and solutions, concrete practical tips for digitization and expert advice on logistics and supply chains at the Wireless IoT tomorrow on October 19th and 20th – live and direct at the RheinMain CongressCenter Wiesbaden.

Extensive Conference Program with Lectures on All Aspects of Logistics and Supply Chain

The Wireless IoT tomorrow offers IoT for all – for SMEs as well as for large companies. How is an RFID and automation solution integrated into a warehouse from scratch? How can an existing RFID system be expanded? And how is the supply chain made sustainable? Concrete practical tips, field reports and success stories are provided by the conference program with more than 30 lectures – 8 of them on the topic of logistics and supply chain on October 19th:

  • “Massive IoT – Enabling Real-time Cold Chain for Israel’s Largest Retailer Shufersal” from Eric Casavant, Wiliot

  • “Why RFID is Underused in Logistics and What is Needed to Unleash its Potential” from Danny Haak, Nedap Harmony

  • “Mixed Technologies for Automatisation in Manufacturing and Logistics” from Peter Albrecht, Lexmark

  • “The Success Story of the Finnish ProMart: RFID Enables Autonomous Shopping and Self-service Warehouses in Industrial Settings” from Jessica Säilä, Turck Vilant Systems

Networking at the Wireless IoT tomorrow for Your Logistics and Supply Chain Solution

The concentrated expertise for IoT solutions is not only available to visitors during the lectures: Each lecture is followed by a live Q&A round with questions from the audience. Speakers will also be present afterwards at the booths of the respective exhibitors.

Interested? Click here for the detailed exhibitor directory and conference program.

Be there live. Find the right solutions for logistics and supply chain – with full transparency, traceability and precision – at the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022.

The Latest on Digital Healthcare at the Wireless IoT tomorrow!

The Latest on Digital Healthcare at the Wireless IoT tomorrow!

Smart Health and E-Health Trends Unveiled at Europe’s Largest Wireless IoT Event!

Digital solutions for patient protection, identification and monitoring, access control of medical facilities, secure medication dispensing and asset tracking in healthcare – all this and more awaits visitors at the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022 on October 19th and 20th at the RheinMain CongressCenter Wiesbaden.

IoT Innovations for Healthcare in the Conference Program

What exactly makes a visit to the Wireless IoT tomorrow so special? The extensive conference program with over 30 expert lectures. The certainty of being right on the pulse of the latest IoT developments. The numerous opportunities to network face-to-face with digitization experts and solve concrete problems – including challenges in the healthcare sector.

In the live conference, three speakers will present concrete use cases, success stories and practical tips for a successful digitization strategy in healthcare. Included:


The focus is on the use of RFID technology for the identification of people and medical equipment, the transformation of clinics into smart hospitals, and the authentication of medical products.

Product and Solution Highlights for Healthcare Applications at the Wireless IoT tomorrow

It is not only in the conference program that end users from the healthcare industry will find inspiration for new solutions: the exhibition features over 80 companies, many of which offer IoT products for use in healthcare. These include:

  • Apulsetech – the South Korean company specializes in the development of RFID readers that identify RFID-tagged objects or people using RFID-enabled patient wristbands.
  • HID Global – with the acquisition of Omni-ID, the company has expanded its portfolio to include new sensor tags that measure temperature, level and moisture. Moisture measurement of adult diapers offers benefits for nursing, while temperature monitoring can be used in vaccine monitoring, for example.
  • Joaneo – the sustainable, paper-based printed RFID tags and inlays from the Luxembourg-based RFID specialist are used for monitoring and tracking blood samples, among other applications.
  • SAG – the expert for customized RFID solutions has developed RFID tags for medical devices that can withstand even sterilization processes and, thanks to a small form factor, can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces or objects in a space-saving manner.


Optimize the operation of your medical facility too. Increase data and patient safety. The IoT specialists at the Wireless IoT tomorrow will be happy to advise you. Secure your ticket now and be there live!

Industry 4.0 Innovations at the Wireless IoT tomorrow

Industry 4.0 Innovations at the Wireless IoT tomorrow

Conference Kick-Off with Exciting Lectures on Automotive & Industrial IoT!

How does the modern, digital factory work in Industry 4.0? This question will be answered as soon as you arrive at the Wireless IoT tomorrow. At Europe’s largest exhibition for wireless IoT technologies, more than 80 exhibitors will present the latest products and solutions for the automotive industry and the IIoT.

One event highlight is the conference program with over 30 expert lectures. IoT experts will present the latest research, use cases and success stories and provide practical tips for digitization – including the automation of factory processes, implementation of solutions in challenging environments and the establishment of unified machine communication. The conference takes place on October 19th and 20th at the RheinMain CongressCenter Wiesbaden – be there live!

Four Lectures on Automotive and IIoT in the Program

Automotive and IIoT enthusiasts will gain insights into exciting solution and user stories right at the start of the conference. These include:

  • “Secure, Advanced and Easy to Use – EV-Charging & Smart Authentication” from Johannes Weil, Elatec
  • “UHF Sensor Devices for Predictive Maintenance” from Lionel Geynet, Asygn
  • “Three Tips for Tagging Automotive Parts with RAIN RFID” from Juho Partanen, Voyantic
  • “RFID Applications in Automotive” from Miika Pylvänäinen, Confidex

The lectures will focus on the use of authentication solutions at e-charging stations, RFID use in the automotive sector and industrial environments, and sensor solutions for predictive maintenance.

Exhibitor Highlights: Expertise for Process Automation, Machine Communication and RFID in Harsh Environments

Among the exhibitors at the Wireless IoT tomorrow are numerous automotive and industrial IoT specialists. Find inspiration for future digitization projects, get advice for your specific use case, and learn more about the latest solutions. Also present are:

  • Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF – the research institute presents the latest findings for process automation in Industry 4.0 and solutions for resource recovery.
  • Logopak Systeme – the manufacturer of integrated tagging systems and software for logistics and industrial printers forms the interface between production and logistics for customers. The portfolio includes RFID and barcode systems as well as industry-specific middleware.
  • OPC Foundation – the world’s leading community for interoperability solutions based on OPC communication specifications enables secure and platform-independent information exchange with the OPC UA standard.
  • Plöckl Media Group – the specialist for highly resistant special labels offers OnMould RFID labels and On-Metal RFID tags, which withstand the harsh environmental conditions in the automotive industry and the IIoT and enable long-lasting identification.


Start the digital transformation of your company towards Industry 4.0. The IoT and automation specialists at the Wireless IoT tomorrow will be on hand to advise you. Secure your tickets now and be there live!

Wireless IoT Conference Showcases Latest IoT Innovations

Wireless IoT Conference Showcases Latest IoT Innovations

Best Practices, Use Cases, Success Stories, Trends, Latest Research and More – Live and Direct!

The stage is set for the latest innovations from the world of wireless IoT: The Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022 starts on October 19th and 20th at the RheinMain CongressCenter in Wiesbaden. The event will feature more than 30 expert lectures with exciting use cases, success stories, research results and practical tips on IoT applications and technologies. These include RFID, NFC, BLE, UWB, IoT Pixels, omlox, RTLS, 5G, sensor technology, robotics, OPC UA, ORM, Wirepas Mesh, LPWAN, LoRaWAN and Mioty.

Concrete Practical Tips for Digitization Live in Wiesbaden

Those interested in digitization and end users from the Automotive & Industrial IoT, Logistics & Supply Chain, Laboratory & Healthcare, Smart City & Security and Retail & Consumer IoT sectors will find suitable solutions for new projects. The conference with over 30 lectures will focus on best practice and concrete practical tips for the use of technology.

How does a warehouse become intelligent with RFID-enabled forklifts and RFID gates? What do you need to consider when using RFID in an automotive factory? How is a box of groceries or a shipment of goods tracked throughout the entire supply chain? IoT specialists will answer these and other questions at the Wireless IoT tomorrow.

The Latest on Wireless IoT in Face-to-Face Conversations

Each lecture will be followed by a Q&A session with questions directly from the live audience. In addition, the speakers will be available for further discussions at the exhibition booths. A total of 80 exhibitors will be present at the Wireless IoT tomorrow, offering visitors expert advice and practical tips for various technologies and applications.

The interviewees of the “Let’s Talk Wireless IoT” webcast series, visitors and exhibitors all agree: “The Wireless IoT tomorrow is the ideal event to kick off new digitization projects, get inspired and get a holistic overview of the latest news from the world of wireless IoT. The face-to-face conversation and networking opportunities are second to none,” was the overarching tenor.

The core competencies of each exhibitor are listed in the exhibitor directory. Detailed lecture and speaker information is provided in the conference program. Take a look and make the next step towards digitalization by visiting the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022!

Wireless IoT tomorrow 2021 VIRTUAL Ends with Success

Wireless IoT tomorrow 2021 VIRTUAL Ends with Success

The Virtual Event Comes to a Close after 4 Weeks!

The Wireless IoT tomorrow 2021 VIRTUAL ended on November 16th with great success. From October 20th, 30 virtual exhibitors were represented at uniquely designed virtual booths, filled with content on RFID and wireless IoT products, solutions, technologies and more. 40 recordings of the conference expert lectures from the live event were available and visitors were able to connect directly with the exhibitors on the virtual event platform.

Exclusive Access to Lecture Recordings

The 40 lecture recordings will be made available on the business platform Wireless IoT Search in the next few weeks. All lecture videos will be accessible with a free registration on the business platform. With this registration, you will receive access, not only to these lectures, but also to the sister-online events, the “Think WIOT Days”. The upcoming Think WIOT Day will focus on the topic “Industrial IoT & Maintenance”, and will take place on December 7th.

If you missed out on some lectures from the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2021, you will have another chance to relive the experience. HID Global, Elatec and Turck Vilant Systems will be presenting their lectures again on December 7th.

Stay tuned on social media for more updates.

Plans for Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022 are Already Underway!

With the conclusion of the tomorrow 2021 VIRTUAL, the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2021 has come to a complete and successful end. But the show will go on! The organization team has already started the first plans for the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022 – More exhibition area with a new floor plan, and a brand new conference plan. The venue is already set – The event team looks forward to seeing everyone again at the RMCC in Wiesbaden on October 19th & 20th 2022!

We connect the world of wireless IoT.