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Ready to exhibit at Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023?

Book your booth now to secure your prime location, and get ready to be featured alongside the top players in your industry. Exhibitor profiles coming soon!

The benefits

Make your company stand out as a key player!

Media Coverage

The booth package includes exhibitor marketing services. Send us your company logo and the requested information and we’ll do the rest!


Enrich the event with your innovations and the latest developments. The value of the event is determined by the exhibitors – their products, solutions, expertise and of course, the expert teams!


There are convenient catering options on-site. You can meet in a VIP discussion room above the exhibition hall or talk to potential customers in the catering area with coffee and cake!


Focus on the important things. The booth package already includes basic booth infrastructure. Select your booth graphics, furniture and more with the organization team! Support for logistics is just one e-mail away!


Dive in and talk to the right people. What’s missing? Your expertise, your views, your opinions. It’s a great opportunity to get a conversation going about your topics of interest and to get to know potential clients and partners. The answer to today and tomorrow’s challenges aren’t so easily solved. So join the brightest minds of the wireless IoT industry to find the solution!

Wiesbaden offers convenient hotel options with great transport connections. The proximity to Frankfurt makes arrival by plane easy. You can also get here by car, bus, or train! Find out more by clicking on the caravan icon.

Example Booth Package

Up to 8 booth sizes available!

Booth Package X

Services included depend on the booth size.
X sqm
  • Exhibitor Tickets (amount depends on the booth size – a minimum of 3 tickets are provided)
  • Booth Walls (independent of stand type (row stand, corner stand, head stand)
  • Carpet
  • Lights
  • Electricity
  • Wi-Fi
  • Exhibitor Marketing
  • An optional speaker slot at the conference (free of charge)
  • Options to order add-ons from a single source through the event organizer
  • Sponsor options are also available

Let’s Talk About Your Participation!

We’ll get in touch with you ASAP!

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available from 09:00 – 17:00

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Email: info@wiot-tomorrow.com