Webcast: Impinj! The Latest RAIN RFID Trends

Webcast: Impinj! The Latest RAIN RFID Trends

The Latest RAIN RFID Trends at Let’s Talk Wireless IoT

“The new Impinj RAIN RFID reader chips will revolutionize IoT applications,” emphasizes Matt Branda, Vice President Product, Impinj!

A highlight for all RFID and IoT enthusiasts: even before the start of the Wireless IoT tomorrow on October 19th and 20th in Wiesbaden, Let’s Talk Wireless IoT provides insights into the latest IoT innovations and trends. Now new in the program: all about RAIN RFID with Matt Branda from Impinj!

What exactly is possible with RAIN RFID? What is the status of the development of new RAIN RFID reader chips? And what RAIN RFID applications are expected in the future? Matt Branda explains all this and more on Let’s Talk Wireless IoT. Tune in now!

Object Tracking in Near Real Time

“RAIN RFID as a technology is truly unique for object tracking. Hundreds of objects per second can be connected at a distance and without line of sight,” says Matt Branda, summarizing the benefits of the technology. Value and supply chains of tagged objects are accurately visualized.

“The exciting thing about RAIN RFID is that it is not only an enabling technology, but also a complementary technology. Using it together with 5G or LoRaWAN, for example, always achieves new benefits,” continues Matt Branda enthusiastically. “For this reason, the Wireless IoT tomorrow is a real highlight. RAIN RFID together with other technologies such as Bluetooth, UWB, 5G, AI, sensors and robotics at one tradeshow provides inspiration for future digitization projects.”

Breakthrough in RAIN RFID Reader Chip Development – New Applications Possible

Early on, retailers relied on RFID-tagged goods or containers for object tracking. In the meantime, applications in industry, supply chain and logistics, healthcare and automotive have been added. Here, tags are not only captured, but also located. Users are beginning to use RFID for loss prevention and to track the movement of tagged objects. Powerful RAIN RFID chips are the basis for new applications.

Impinj delivers this with four new RAIN RFID reader chips: E310, E510, E710 and E910. Power consumption and size are reduced by 50 and 80 percent, respectively, compared to the previous generation of products. The RAIN RFID reader chips are in use in products and for solutions from 25 of the more than 80 exhibitors.

“Thanks to their compact size, the new reader chips can be integrated into IoT devices,” explains Matt Branda. “And that’s exactly what our partners are doing. The chips are installed at the point of sale, in smart shelves or in mobile computers, smartphone accessories and tablets. This can significantly increase the number of RFID reading points in a retail store, for example.”

More about RAIN RFID in the tomorrow Conference Program

Impinj is also represented with a lecture in the conference program of the Wireless IoT tomorrow. Martin Liebl, Senior Product Management Director Tag ICs at Impinj will speak about “The Evolution of RAIN RFID and its Impact on Retail” on October 20th. Visitors can expect a detailed explanation of the digital transformation in retail with RAIN RFID.

“Retailers that use RFID are more successful than their competitors in the long term,” explains Matt Branda. “Omnichannel services, the customer journey, inventory management and the supply chain are optimized. In addition, tags can be used for asset authentication.”

“RFID tags embedded in products are particularly interesting in this respect. Thus, the use of RFID goes beyond the point of sale – for example, for recycling at the end of the product’s life. The new reader chips in combination with other technologies will revolutionize IoT applications.”

Be there part of the experience live. The Wireless IoT tomorrow starts on October 19th and 20th at the RheinMain CongressCenter in Wiesbaden.

Let’s Talk Wireless IoT with DENSO WAVE EUROPE Released

Let’s Talk Wireless IoT with DENSO WAVE EUROPE Released

New Episode of Let’s Talk Wireless IoT with DENSO WAVE EUROPE Released

David Walker Shares Insights on Denso’s Trade Show Presence at the Wireless IoT tomorrow!

The Wireless IoT tomorrow, Europe’s largest event for wireless IoT technologies, will kick off on October 19th and 20th at the RheinMain CongressCenter in Wiesbaden, Germany. More than 80 exhibitors are taking part in the event. Among them: DENSO WAVE EUROPE. The Auto-ID hardware and solutions specialist will be present with a booth including a special booth concept as well as two expert lectures. David Walker, Business Development Manager RFID Solutions EMEA, DENSO WAVE EUROPE, talks in the webcast Let’s Talk Wireless IoT about the booth concept, products and solutions that visitors can expect at DENSO’s booth #47.

Watch the full episode “Let’s Talk Wireless IoT” with David Walker from DENSO WAVE EUROPE here!

New Products, End-to-End Solutions and Live Demonstrations from DENSO

In the past years, DENSO has evolved from a hardware manufacturer to a diversified Auto-ID solution provider. Different robotics, safety and Auto-ID products and solutions will be presented at the booth.

“DENSO’s booth concept is about telling a story and giving visitors a glimpse of different solutions for a wide range of vertical markets,” explains David Walker. “For example, the Zone D security product will be on display. It will demonstrate how RFID and other technologies can be linked . In addition, the Orion wireless IoT platform will be demonstrated. This combines information from different products into a centralized platform and a unified format.”

“Numerous software and hardware solutions from various application areas will be demonstrated live,” Walker said. “Visitors can, for example, experience exactly what happens when tagged goods are passed through a dockdoor. DENSO will show solutions for production processes through warehouse management to retail. Barcode, QR code, RFID, and IoT solutions can be linked together.”

New Products: BHT-M70 Handheld Computer, RFID E-Paper and Navigation Tags

A product highlight at DENSO’s booth is the new BHT-M70 handheld computer for applications in transport and logistics. The device features a 4-inch touch display as well as a keypad and is certified to IP67 protection class. 4G, Wi-Fi, NFC and GPS functions are supported. A new decoding engine and high-density sensor enable scanning through plastic and of dirty or damaged codes.

Other product highlights at the DENSO booth include:

  • RFID- E-paper tags for retail products and RTIs
  • UHF RFID navigation tags with LED, which lights up when the tag is activated with an RFID reader and simplifies object localization
  • Serial barcode scanners that capture multiple barcodes faster than traditional devices

RFID from the Retailer’s Perspective in Expert Lectures from DENSO’s Software Partner

The conference program at the Wireless IoT tomorrow will focus on the latest findings and research, best practices and use cases around wireless IoT applications. DENSO has invited a speaker from software partner company RFKeeper for two lectures. Gary Tattersall, Managing Director Europe at RFKeeper will talk about the following topics:

  • “Supply Chain Visibility, Driving Efficiencies” on October 19th
  • “As a Retailer, What Kept Me Awake at Night” on October 20th

The special feature: as former Director of Asset Protection & Risk Management at Jack Wills, Gary Tattersall provides empirical values on RFID solutions from the perspective of a retailer in concrete application scenarios.

Watch the episode of the webcast “Let’s Talk Wireless IoT” with David Walker from DENSO WAVE EUROPE here to learn more!

DENSO WAVE EUROPE’s team of experts looks forward to welcoming you at booth #47 at the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022 in Wiesbaden on October 19th and 20th. For more information on the floor plan, please click here.


Let’s Talk Wireless IoT with HID Global Released

Let’s Talk Wireless IoT with HID Global Released

First Episode of Let’s Talk Wireless IoT with HID Global Released!

A Conversation with Richard Aufreiter, VP Product Marketing, Identification Technologies at HID Global!

On October 19th and 20th, the Wireless IoT tomorrow, Europe’s largest event for wireless IoT technologies, will take place at the RheinMain CongressCenter in Wiesbaden. Identification and sensor technology specialist HID Global has been participating in the event since 2012. Richard Aufreiter, VP Product Marketing, Identification Technolgies at HID Global, gives viewers a taste of HID Global’s new products, solutions and use case reports that will be presented at the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022 in the first episode of the webcast “Let’s Talk Wireless IoT”.

Watch the full episode of “Let’s Talk Wireless IoT” with Richard Aufreiter from HID Global here!

New Sensor Tags, Access Control Solutions, Readers and more!

HID Global’s product portfolio includes solutions for physical and mobile access control, secure authorization, as well as cards, readers, personalized access control solutions, biometric solutions, electronic passports, credentials, software and RFID tags.

Two HID Global business units and numerous experts in identification technologies and credentials, and embedded technologies will be present at Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022. Selected products at HID Global’s booth #20 include:

  • The new OMNIKEY Secure Element embedded reader module, which can also be integrated into the Apple Wallet
  • The new Sense Passive product line of passive sensor tags that passively measure and transmit temperature, humidity, and liquid levels.
  • The new TSL Handheld RFID Reader and UHF RFID reader modules
  • Compact on-metal RFID tags
  • Active IoT devices with BLE and LoRaWAN for object location and condition monitoring

“Over the past two years, HID Global has acquired several companies. These include Vizinex RFID and Omni-ID, for example. As a result, HID Global offers customers an even more comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions,” explains Richard Aufreiter. “At the booth, the new products will be demonstrated in live demos.”

Two Lectures from HID Global Planned in the Conference Program

The Wireless IoT tomorrow conference program will focus on the latest insights and research, best practices and use cases around wireless IoT applications. HID Global is represented with two lectures:

  1. “It’s Not About Technology, It’s About Value: Reasons Why RFID is Key in eHealth” with Helmut Dansachmüller on October 19th
  2. “Optimizing Hydropower Generators (and many more applications) with Passive RFID Sensor Tags” with Richard Aufreiter on October 20th

The lectures will focus on object and person identification with RFID in healthcare as well as application examples for passive and active RFID sensor tags.

Watch the first episode of the webcast “Let’s Talk Wireless IoT” with Richard Aufreiter from HID Global here to learn more!

HID Global’s team of experts looks forward to welcoming you at booth #20 at the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022 in Wiesbaden, Germany on October 19th and 20th. For more information on the floor plan, please click here.

The Ticket Shop is now online!

The Ticket Shop is now online!

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for…

The Ticket Shop is now online!

So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now and confirm your attendence at Europe’s largest event for wireless IoT technologies! Enjoy two days full of innovative solutions and products, and of course networking with wireless IoT enthusiasts. Attendence at the conference is already included in all ticket options, whether you want to visit the event for one or two days! More than 30 lectures on the latest success stories, solutions and projects await you.

The first few speakers at the conference have already been confirmed. Check them out here. The conference program will be updated daily to include more!

Mark October 19th & 20th in your calenders, because these are days you don’t want to miss!

Ticket Options
The available ticket options are:

  • First Day Pass (October 19th)
  • Second Day Pass (October 20th)
  • Two Day Pass (Both Event Days)

Book your ticket now and meet the who’s who from the wireless IoT industry at the RMCC in Wiesbaden, Germany – only 30 minutes from Frankfurt Airport.

With the new Ticket Shop, you’ll be able to select from various payment options in order to book your individualized ticket.
After a booking is placed, you will receive the ticket as a PDF file, a pass wallet, as well as a download link with the included QR code to grant you access at the entrance of the RMCC.

Discover the World of Wireless IoT!

Once you have entered the RMCC, you’ll be immersed in the world of wireless IoT.
Enjoy the exhibition, listen to the conference lectures, grab a meal and network with potential business partners or clients – all under one roof!

You need a solution to your problem? We’ve got more than 75 exhibitors as of today and all of them are experts in wireless IoT technologies and solutions, so take the opportunity to find the right product, solution or partner that fits your needs! These experts look forward to exploring and discussing your unique challenge and to show you the possibilities. To back them up, proven projects and years of expertise!

The aim is to prepare companies in the best way possible for the challenges that we see already today, for a better, sustainable, automated and efficient tomorrow!

Sustainability, cost reductions, forward-thinking solutions, efficient use of resources…These are just some of the hot topics at #wiottomorrow22!

Arrival at the RMCC

So how do you get there? By plane, car, or public transportation – we’ve got you covered!

Detailed information can be found here!

Here’s the address you should input in your GPS devices:

RheinMain CongressCenter
Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 1
65185 Wiesbaden

Just a few more months to go. Let’s meet in Wiesbaden, Germany on October 19th & 20th and rock the world of wireless IoT!
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Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022

Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022

Europe’s Largest Event in Wiesbaden on October 19th & 20th

Just imagine: You enter the exhibition hall of the RheinMain CongressCenter in Wiesbaden. On the left, you see an industrial robot demonstrating sensor technology and UHF RFID. On the right, a supplier shows miniaturized NFC and BLE tags. Straight ahead, your eyes fall on the conference stage. Here, end users and innovators explain wireless IoT technologies. Speakers report on projects and success stories. And: Now you have arrived in the world of wireless IoT. Where are you? At the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022! Europe’s largest event for wireless IoT. The fundamental technologies are RFID, NFC, BLE, 4G & 5G, sensors, AI, robotics, OPC UA and LoRaWAN.

Conference Program – All about Wireless IoT

Live forums offer more than 40 lectures. They take place directly in the exhibition hall. Every visitor can take part. What’s on the program? Industrial IoT, Maintenance & Servicing, Automotive, Logistics & Supply Chain, Healthcare, Retail, Smart City, Consumer IoT and Security.

Current Solutions for Intralogistics and Industry with Wireless IoT

Why is the use of OPC UA a wise decision for machine communication? Which tags are suitable for use in the metallic environment? How does the inventory overview work with RFID? Can RFID and UWB be combined? How does digitization work?

The answers to these questions will be provided by experts and end users at the Wireless IoT tomorrow, live in Wiesbaden.

Applications and Practical Examples – Up Close and Live

The exhibition is designed by the world’s leading suppliers of wireless radiocommunication solutions and wireless IoT applications. They will present the latest products and current innovations. The common transmission ranges LF, HF and UHF will be presented with numerous transponders, readers, gates and tunnels. NFC, Bluetooth and UWB are also part of the portfolio. LPWAN, Mioty and Wirepas round off the range of information.

Who Will Attend Wireless IoT tomorrow?

Decision-makers from industry and supply chain management, from the healthcare, smart city and retail sectors, system integrators and IT enthusiasts, those responsible for maintenance operations and tool management, and many more will find their way to digitalization at the Wireless IoT tomorrow. Both large, international companies and small and medium-sized enterprises are on the lookout for new solutions. Stop by and join us!

No exhibitor yet?

No exhibitor yet?

Time to Shine as Exhibitor!

75% of the exhibition space has already been booked but participation as an exhibitor is by all means still possible!

Participation as an exhibitor at Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022 in Wiesbaden, Germany is still possible! The two-day event, which will take place on October 19th and 20th, combines both the exhibition and conference in one exhibition hall. To put it simply: it’s a concentration of Wireless IoT power on 5,000 sqm!

Be part of the exhibition and inspire the visitors with your ideas, innovations, products, solutions and answers to the challenges of tomorrow!

How can your company contribute to optimally prepare companies for the challenges of tomorrow and to already help them operate in a more secure and resource-oriented way?

We would be delighted to hear your answer and welcome you as an exhibitor at #wiottomorrow22!

Get in touch and let us inform you about the booth options.

A quick registration as an exhibitor and an easy organization of your booth equipment allows you to focus on the important things: Your know-how!

And we’ ve saved the best for last: Combine what belongs together and complement your participation as an exhibitor with a lecture at the conference. The editorial team of Wireless IoT Search is looking forward to finding the right focus and placement in the program together with you. Nothing is more convincing than the presentation of a successful use case!

The Wireless IoT tomorrow Event Team is looking forward to hearing from you!

Summer’s Here and the New Website is Online!

Summer’s Here and the New Website is Online!

Grab a cold drink, sit back and explore the new event website!

It’s modern, interactive, and has all the information you need about the Wireless IoT tomorrow.

That’s what we had in mind for the new website. Feel free to check out the brand new profiles of all the exhibitors and sponsors! The conference program is also available, and will be filled up with speaker overviews later on. A 3D interactive floor plan, venue information, ticket options and more are only a click away! (Speaker profiles will follow shortly)

So come along on the ride and discover the world of wireless IoT!

You’ve got more questions? Then contact us or visit our FAQ pages!

Let’s rock the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022!


What’s the Wireless IoT tomorrow all about?

What’s the Wireless IoT tomorrow all about?

What’s the Wireless IoT tomorrow all about?

Now that’s a tough one! Just like a question that’s usually followed by an awkward silence in a classroom…

But hey, luckily for me, I’ve got a team of experts backing me up – and we’ve got the answers and some background for you. Brace yourselves!:

Chapter I

The challenges of the last five years underlined a rule that virtually all entrepreneurs, businessmen and leaders are aware of: The key to expand or to maintain your own position in the market during these times of change is to improvise.

The difficulties never really stop and adaptation of new business strategies is unavoidable for survival.

Chapter II

The question now is: How?

The answer: Through smart process, solutions, products, competent partners…and of course a little magic dust!

How can logistics processes be modified to minimize the impact of global shortages? How can we monitor important medication and liquids, like vaccines and blood bags? How can we use resources more efficiently while maintaining a high production level? How can we be more sustainable? How can we support warehouse personnel with effective technologies? The questions are limitless – you will find them across all industries, including aviation, automotive, security, healthcare, smart city, retail, healthcare, logistics, industrial IoT, consumer IoT, construction… and more!

Remember that magic dust? Well, the magic comes from wireless IoT technologies!

Wireless IoT technologies can achieve wonders – the processes and solutions available today would seem magical maybe 20 years ago!

So let’s use the potential of today and tomorrow to equip businesses with the best protection against future challenges: Smart, highly effective, fast, resource-efficient and sustainable processes!

But how do we do it?

Well that depends entirely on your business and environment. The good news: We know a place where you’ll find all the experts who can provide you with qualified answers, the latest information, state-of-the-art products and proven solutions…

You’ll find them at the Wireless IoT tomorrow expert exhibition and conference in Wiesbaden, Germany on October 19th & 20th 2022!

And here are the key technologies that you can expect to learn more about: RFID, NFC, BLE, UWB, LoRaWAN, WiFi, NB IoT, 4G/5G, sensor technology and much more!

Chapter III

So back to the tough question from the beginning: What’s the Wireless IoT tomorrow all about? To put it simply, its two action-packed days in one exhibition hall, filled with the who’s who of the wireless IoT industry – expert teams in the exhibition and the latest developments and research in the world of IoT in the conference. This treasure trove of information and know-how on wireless IoT technologies can be found in one hall. But hey, seeing is believing. Experience it yourself and join us live on-site in October!

RFID & wireless IoT technologies is, and will always be, part of our DNA. Let’s innovate today, based on the technologies of tomorrow. We connect the world of wireless IoT!

Wireless IoT tomorrow 2021 VIRTUAL Ends with Success

Wireless IoT tomorrow 2021 VIRTUAL Ends with Success

The Virtual Event Comes to a Close after 4 Weeks!

The Wireless IoT tomorrow 2021 VIRTUAL ended on November 16th with great success. From October 20th, 30 virtual exhibitors were represented at uniquely designed virtual booths, filled with content on RFID and wireless IoT products, solutions, technologies and more. 40 recordings of the conference expert lectures from the live event were available and visitors were able to connect directly with the exhibitors on the virtual event platform.

Exclusive Access to Lecture Recordings

The 40 lecture recordings will be made available on the business platform Wireless IoT Search in the next few weeks. All lecture videos will be accessible with a free registration on the business platform. With this registration, you will receive access, not only to these lectures, but also to the sister-online events, the “Think WIOT Days”. The upcoming Think WIOT Day will focus on the topic “Industrial IoT & Maintenance”, and will take place on December 7th.

If you missed out on some lectures from the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2021, you will have another chance to relive the experience. HID Global, Elatec and Turck Vilant Systems will be presenting their lectures again on December 7th.

Stay tuned on social media for more updates.

Plans for Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022 are Already Underway!

With the conclusion of the tomorrow 2021 VIRTUAL, the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2021 has come to a complete and successful end. But the show will go on! The organization team has already started the first plans for the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022 – More exhibition area with a new floor plan, and a brand new conference plan. The venue is already set – The event team looks forward to seeing everyone again at the RMCC in Wiesbaden on October 19th & 20th 2022!

We connect the world of wireless IoT.


tomorrow 2021 – The Event for IoT Experts

tomorrow 2021 – The Event for IoT Experts

A Hybrid and Standalone Virtual Event for Integrators and Developers of RFID & Wireless IoT Technologies!

The RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2021, Europe’s largest event for RFID & wireless IoT technologies, will go live at the RheinMain CongressCenter in Wiesbaden on October 20th & 21st. The tomorrow 2021 targets users, integrators and developers of RFID & wireless IoT technologies, as well as stakeholders from the following sectors: Industrial IoT, Automotive, Logistics & Supply Chain, Healthcare, Retail, Smart City, Consumer IoT and Security. Starting business relationships and developing new business models is the focus of the event.

#wiottomorrow21 – Connect with the World of Wireless IoT Both LIVE and VIRTUALLY

Visitors of the tomorrow 2021 will have the opportunity to network with exhibitors both live on-site and online. Over 60 exhibitors will be presenting products, solutions and wireless IoT technologies at the tomorrow 2021 LIVE, which will take place at the RheinMain CongressCenter in Wiesbaden. Exhibitors will also have a virtual booth on the digital event platform of the tomorrow 2021 VIRTUAL. Conference lectures will be broadcasted live from Wiesbaden on the online platform. Effective networking is possible between users, integrators and developers of wireless IoT technologies.

Concrete Use Cases and Solutions Presented

The tomorrow 2021 will showcase the latest application examples of RFID and wireless IoT technologies including RFID, NFC, BLE, UWB, LPWAN, RTLS, 4G/5G, sensor technology, AI, robotics, OPC UA and LoRaWAN. The aim of the tomorrow 2021 is to open up new opportunities for visitors to optimize processes through digitalization and automation in all sectors of the economy.

tomorrow 2021 – We Connect the World of Wireless IoT!

The tomorrow 2021 offers customers, manufacturers and industry partners the opportunity to network, build and strengthen personal business relationships. Are you looking for state-of-the-art products, information and solutions, along with competent project partners? The foundation for future cooperation and partnerships in wireless IoT and digitalization will be laid out at the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow. Be there – live or virtually and meet your future partners!

We look forward to welcoming you LIVE and VIRTUALLY at the tomorrow 2021!

We connect you to the world of wireless IoT.