Capture Your Edge with Zebra Technologies!: Let’s Talk Wireless IoT Episode #6 Seasons (1)

A microphone in the middle with the logo of the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2021 on the left and the logo of zebra on the right of the microphone. Above the slogan: Let's talk Wireless IoT and under the microphone is a logo of Spotify and YouTube.

Niklas Bast Sales Manager Location Solutions/RFID D/A/CH, Zebra TechnologiesLet’s Talk Wireless IoT Episode #6 Seasons (1): Capture Your Edge with Zebra Technologies!

October 4th 2021 Zebra Technologies, platinum sponsor of #wiottomorrow21 will be showcasing their latest generation of RFID sleds – the Zebra Rfd40 – at the exhibition! Also included in the exciting exhibit: different variaties of fixed readers and the entire Zebra RFID portfolio! But it’s not all about the products – it’s also about trust! Learn more from Niklas Bast in this videocast episode. #wiottomorrow21 #rfid #rfd40 #readers #solutions #platinumsponsor #lectures # #booth69 #spotifypodcast #podcast #exhibition #conference #virtualevent

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