Elatec – Live from Puchheim: 1 Seasons (1)

A microphone in the middle with the logo of the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2021 on the left and the logo of Elatec on the right of the microphone. Above the slogan: Let's talk Wireless IoT and under the microphone is a logo of Spotify and YouTube.

Burhan Gündüz and Johannes Weil Global VP – Secure Printing Applications and Head of Industry Europe respectively at Elatec. Let’s Talk Wireless IoT Episode #1 Seasons (1): Elatec – Live from Puchheim September 13th 2021

A great first episode and personal talk with our two guests from Elatec. Find out more about what Elatec has in store for #wiottomorrow21! Burhan Gündüz and Johannes Weil are eager to meet you all at the RMCC in Wiesbaden. #enduserprojects #RFID #OEMreader #hardware #software #goldsponsor #lecture #booth25

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